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18-Inch Deluxe Low Profile
Starting Platforms & Starting Blocks
(Already Pre-Assembled, Anchors Included)

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The 18" Low Profile Starting Platform is sloped at 10 with a slip-resistant top surface, slip-resistant step, and anchors. Three warning labels are included. Lane numbers are optional (please contact us for details). The platform is made of 1.90" OD .065" wall Type 316L stainless steel tubing. Platform top surface is 22" 22". Please state deck-to-water level dimension when ordering. 

The low profile design of this starting platform is intended to serve three purposes. First, it is intended to serve as a starting platform for new or younger swimmers when a higher platform may not be desirable. Second, it is intended for use by experienced swimmers when a lower, more strenuous training platform is desired. Third and depending upon how the unit is installed can be in compliance with FINA, USA Swimming, NCAA and NFHS requirements and may then be used for competitive purposes. (Note: In many cases, "faster" competitive facilities are desired. Should this be the case, it is recommended that the 18-inch Deluxe Low Profile Starting Platforms be used for training purposes while they be changed out for a higher platform for actual competition. Note that because of the unique anchoring system, this change-out can be accomplished rapidly and with ease.)

Structural Frames
The structural frame of the 18-inch Deluxe Low Profile Starting Platform is of polished, 1.9-inch (48.3mm) Outer Diameter (OD), 316L stainless steel with a wall thickness of .065-inch (1.7mm) and bends (nominally) on a 6-inch (152.4mm) radius. The platform is equipped with one (1) stainless steel tread affixed to the frame at a 15 degree angle for ease in mounting. The 304 stainless steel polished Tread is 3-inch (76.2mm) in width and 20-inch (508mm) in length at the rail centerline. Strategic bends of the heavy-duty stainless steel provide the tread's unmatched strength.

Contrasting beauty, sure-footing and secure mounting of the Elite™ Tread to the frame section ~s enhanced by a replaceable, black non-skid, Cool-Touch™ tread insert at the top and caps at either end of the tread.

The platform mounts to the pool deck by engaging the Starting Platform Uni-mount™ Anchoring System. This quick change system consists of two (2) chrome-plated brass Flush Anchors (included), which engage the chrome-plated brass Anchor Plate. The starting platform mounts directly to the anchor plate by means of two (included) anchor bolts. In addition to permitting the rapid change of platforms (for example from an 18-inch (457.2mm) platform to a 30-inch (762mm) platform), this system also allows removal of the anchor plates to present a unobstructed deck.

Backstroke Bar
The backstroke bar is of polished, 1-inch (25.4mm) Outer Diameter 100), 316L stainless steel with a wall thickness of D65-inch 11.7mm) and bends (nominally) on a 4-inch H 01.6mm) radius. This bar attaches to the platform frame by four stainless steel carriage bolts.

The 22.5x22.5-inch (571.5x571.5mm) platform is of laminated fir covered and reinforced by fiberglass to which a non-slip sand coating is applied for sure-footing. The platform attaches to the frame at a (nominal) 10 slope by four stainless steel bolts. To insure compliance with relevant regulations, orders for A41795-1 Starting Platforms must include a statement concerning the desired Dimension A (see accompanying drawings).

Pre-assembled for your Convenience with Two (2) Anchors Included.

Part # Description Price Order
SP18LP Starting Platform, 18" Low Profile Starting Platform, Pre-Assembled, Anchors included Call for Pricing Call for Pricing


Anchors Can be shipped in advance, upon ordering of the starting platforms.  Actual Starting Platforms must ship via Motor Freight carrier.
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