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Deck Anchor Socket Kits
for Concrete Deck-Mounted Ladders or Handrails
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Heavy Duty Aluminum Anchor Assemblies are primarily used on residential pool installations.
Bronze deck anchor assemblies are used for commercial pool installations.

Escutcheon Cover Plates eliminate tripping hazards, and are required by most health departments. Also serve as an attractive cover for exposed parts of wedge anchors.

Anchor Kit comes complete with two (2) deck anchor sockets, two (2) wedge assemblies, and two (2) stainless steel cover plates.  Ideally, purchase one (1) "AnchKitAL" for each ladder or railing.

Part #


Price Order
AnchKitAL Anchor Kit, (2) Aluminum Anchors and (2) Stainless Steel Cover Plates


Call 410-667-1101
AnchKitBR Anchor Kit, (2) Bronze Anchors and (2) Stainless Steel Cover Plates 150.00 Call 410-667-1101


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