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Automatic Chemical Controllers
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Chemtrol 250 Digital Controller

The Chemtrol 250 is an excellent way to monitor and control pH and ORP (Chlorine Levels) in the swimming pool or spa.

3000.jpg (12366 bytes)Our PC series are expandable models.  More Options and features are available, such as Water Chemistry, TDS, Temperature Control, Water Level Control, Pressure, Flow rates, Heater Controls, Automatic Backwash, and more.

Remote Control and Factory Support Package is an option that allows the factory to troubleshoot any pool chemistry problems that may arise. 

More Chemical Controllers Coming to this site Soon.  Tell us your goals, and we will find the controller that's right for you.

PC 2000
PC 3000
PC 5000

PC 6000


bulletPPM / Temperature Display and Control
bulletTDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Display Monitoring
bulletWater Level Control
bulletVoice Communications Package with Remote Computer Operation
bulletRemote Computer Operation with Modem and Windows Software
bulletFlow Monitoring with Electronic Sensor and Adjustable Alarms
bulletInfluent and Effluent Pressure Sensors and Adjustable Alarms
bulletWet Box with Flow Sensor Cell Assembly
bulletFactory Support


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Chemical Feed Pumps

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