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Chemical Feed Pumps & Swimming Pool Chlorinators

We carry a Two (2) Popular Swimming Pool Chlorinators ideal for Commercial Swimming Pools.   Both are NSF-Approved.  Both deliver sodium hypochlorite thru special chemical tubing that is injected into the return side of the pool's filtration system to be used as a swimming pool disinfectant.   These are the chemical pumps that deliver the chlorine into the pool.

Dolphin Chlorinator
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Flex-Flo Chlorinators


Sterling Pool Co., Inc. carries a complete line of chemical metering pumps and chlorinators by the world's leading manufacturers.  Ideal for applications where a liquid or solution needs to be injected into a system on a timely basis.

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Ideally used with any of our Pool Controllers.   Chemtrol 250 Automatic Chemical Controller.

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Chemtrol Automatic Chemical Controllers

Sterling Pool On-Line Swimming Pool Catalog
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