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In-Ground Safety Pool Step Ladder Conversion Kits
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The Safety Pool Step Ladder, the only ladder step offering extra security to ladder users of all ages. Best of all, you Donít need to buy a new ladder to get this added safety measure. The Safety Pool Step will convert your in-ground pool ladder to an innovative safety ladder.

Kit includes:
safetstep2.jpg (9847 bytes)   * Ladder steps, (Determined model number below)
    * (2) side skirts,
    * (2) rubber bumpers, and
    * Complete stainless steel bolt kit.

Ladder Treads Measure 20" on Center.


Part #


Price Order
LadSafCnv2 Conversion Kit for 2-Step Ladder, 8-inch Deep Treads 179.00 Call 410-667-1101
LadSafCnv3 Conversion Kit for 3-Step Ladder, 8-inch Deep Treads 225.00 Call 410-667-1101
LadSafCnv4 Conversion Kit for 4-Step Ladder, 8-inch Deep Treads 259.00 Call 410-667-1101
LadSafCnv5 Conversion Kit for 5-Step Ladder, 8-inch Deep Treads 289.00 Call 410-667-1101

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Safety Pool Step Ladder

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