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Deck-O-Seal Pool Expansion Joint Repair Products
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Ideal Expansion Joint Material between Coping Stones and the Concrete Deck

There is an expansion joint around the perimeter of your swimming pool in between your coping stones and your pool deck.  If this joint is in poor condition, water can get down behind the pool shell and weaken the concrete joints in between your coping stones, and eventually cause more pool problems.       

Deck-O-Seal Two Part Elastomeric Polysulfide-Base Joint Sealant is a premium grade, pourable, self-leveling, sealant which cures at ambient temperature to a firm, flexible, tear-resistant rubber. Deck-O-Seal is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristics after extended periods of compression or elongation. 

Installation Directions are easy and provided for the DIY person (do-it-yourself) to safe money.  The joint has to be clean; This means that you must remove the old product, and provide a sub-base using either sand packed into the joint, or Backer Rod, which is designed to create a shelf for the new deck-o-seal.   Tape both sides of the joint with painter's blue tape for neatness. 

Features & Benefits - Pour Grade for Horizontal Joints between Coping Stones and Concrete Deck

  Provides permanent and uniform watertight seal.
  Prevents uncontrolled crackin
g - Allows expansion & contraction during temperature changes.
  No messy primers required.  (Priming needed only for joints over 1" wide, or for underwater joints.)
  Resists abrasion,  weathering & moisture, elevated temperatures, will not cause discoloration.
  Stays Flexible.  Won't become brittle or crack due to ultra-violet exposure.  

  Retains joint soundness in service once cured & can be stretched or compressed up to 50%.
  Available in Dura-White, Stone Gray, Desert Tan, Jet Black and Life-Like Redwood.
resistance to weather-aging and won't discolor. 
  Provides excellent adhesion to most surfaces without messy primers.
  Not Affected by Pool Chemicals.
  Packaged in a Pre-Measured, two-component unitized, easy-to-handle package contains proper ratio of base to setting
    agent which must be maintained.  The 96-oz base material can, setting agent, stirring paddle & applicator are all included.

See Product Coverage Chart Below for Estimated Usage.

Chart Below shows approximate Lineal Feet which can be sealed with a 96-ounce Deck-O-Seal Kit.  Deck-O-Seal Support Media is ideal for filling deep joints as a sub-grade material. 

Coverage ( per 96 oz. Kit in Lineal Feet )
Joint Depth

Joint Width


Deck-O-Seal is used for caulking and sealing all joints subject to concrete movement to provide a firm, flexible, weather-tight seal. It is excellent for general purpose caulking of joints and seams, weatherproofing, plus both interior and exterior expansion joint sealing. Use of Deck-O-Seal is recommended in areas where complete cure is necessary before pedestrian and vehicular traffic is allowed.  

Part #


Price Order
DOS96Whi Deck-O-Seal, 96-oz Kit, White 89.95 Call 410-667-1101
DOS96Grey Deck-O-Seal, 96-oz Kit, Grey 89.95 Call 410-667-1101
DOS96Tan Deck-O-Seal, 96-oz Kit, Tan 89.95 Call 410-667-1101
DOS96Redwood Deck-O-Seal, 96-oz Kit, Redwood - Special Order 89.95 Call 410-667-1101


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Backer Rod - Deck-O-Seal Support Media
Backer rod for Pool Deck Expansion Joints for Pools
Use this Foam Material to put into the joint before pouring with the Deck-O-Seal for a uniform pour.   This is especially helpful in wider joints.  The goal is to reduce the amount of Deck-O-Seal expansion joint filler that you will need to purchase.

Part #

Description Price Order
Backer12 Deck-O-Seal Support Media, 1/2", per Foot 0.65 Call 410-667-1101
Backer58 Deck-O-Seal Support Media, 5/8", per Foot 0.65 Call 410-667-1101
Backer78 Deck-O-Seal Support Media, 7/8", per Foot 0.65 Call 410-667-1101

How do I install this product?

Follow these instructions carefully for maximum effectiveness. Be sure to wear protective safety glasses and Chemical Resistant Gloves.  

Surface PreparationRemove foreign substances, incompressibles and free water from joint opening. For proper adhesion, joints must be clean and dry. Dust, dirt and laitance should be removed prior to application. Concrete should be completely cured, free from all foreign materials and contamination from curing agents. (Industry accepted standard for curing concrete is 28 days). To maintain cleanliness around the joint to be sealed, apply masking tape 2" wide to the surfaces adjoining both sides of the joint before applying the Deck-O-Seal product or the primer (if required).  

PrimingOnly required for submerged underwater joints and/or joints over 1" in width.   In other cases, Deck-O-Seal adheres well to unprimed concrete.

Joint Sizes Proper joint design practices and application techniques must be followed for successful performance.   Deck-O-Foam or Backer Rod may be used as a joint backing material to control sealant depth and provide proper joint configuration.

Exceptions... A 2:1 width-to-depth ratio should be maintained. However, in no case should joint sealant depth be less than 1/4" or in joints less than 1/4" (6.35mm) wide. It is also not recommended in joints over one-inch in width, because of the long curing time.

Mixing Deck-O-Seal is supplied in pre-measured kits with a ratio of setting agent to base, which must be maintained. Store and mix in a cool, shaded area. Do not mix until ready to use. (Product cannot be re-sealed for future use). 

De-rim both cans with a can opener. Care must be taken to ensure that all the setting agent is thoroughly blended with the base component. A slow-speed drill can be used. Pour the setting agent into the base and mix slowly until a uniform color is obtained; a minimum of 10 minutes is recommended.  Avoid trapping air in the sealant. To aid in proper mixing, scrape material from the sides and bottom of the container.

Application Method... At 77F (25C) and 30% relative humidity, the application life is approximately one hour. Apply thoroughly blended material with supplied squeeze bottle, caulking gun or any other suitable applicator. Be sure to remove masking tape from both sides of the joint before the sealant starts to set. Deck-O-Seal will set firm and rubbery within 24 hours at 77F. At lower temperatures, curing time may take longer. NOTE: Do not apply paint over surfaces sealed with Deck-O-Seal products. 

Clean-up Application equipment should be cleaned promptly with Xylene or Toluene.

Deck-O-Seal is not compatible with asphalt and cannot be used in asphalt concrete pavement or with asphalt-impregnated expansion joint fillers.

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