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Flex-Flo A-100 Chlorinators and Chemical Feed Pumps

Flex Flo A100N Peristaltic Pumps, Replacement Pool Chlorinators

These hypochlorinators have easy-to-adjust solid state feed control, and a toggle-type ON/OFF switch so the chlorinator does not have to be reset after pump or system shut-down.   A chemical-resistant plastic housing keeps this unit looking sharp, even after years of service.  Standard Voltage is 115V/60Hz.

  Manual Output Control

  Easy to Adjust Knob Controls

  Nothing to Program

  60 second Repeating Time Cycle

  3 to 60 second adjustable on cycle

   On / Off Power Switch

The Flex-Flo A-100N Series has the features pool professionals want: extended tube life, higher pressure capabilities, and true weather resistance for outdoor installation. Available in Standard (analog control) and Deluxe (digital control) models.  The models listed below are 115V/60Hz.     220V and 230V are available on special request. 

    -     Self-Priming - Even against line pressure.
    -     Guaranteed Tube Failure Detection System
    -     Precise Output Control (20:1) turn-down with a Dial Knob.
    -     Works well with any automatic chemical controller
    -     Built to Last.  Advanced Cooling System.
    -     UL, NSF, and ETL Listed. 

Part # Description Max PSI Price To Order:
A1N00A-4T Spa Chlorinator, A-100-N Series, 1.5 GPD, 1/4" Tubing, 115V 100 PSI 519.00 Call 410-667-1101
A1N10A-4T Spa Chlorinator, A-100-N Series, 4.9 GPD, 1/4" Tubing, 115V 100 PSI 519.00 Call 410-667-1101
A1N20A-6T Pool Chlorinator, A-100-N Series, 24 GPD, 3/8" Tubing, 115V 100 PSI 519.00 Call 410-667-1101
A1N10A-7T Pool Chlorinator, A-100-N Series, 52.5 GPD, 3/8" Tubing, 115V 50 PSI 519.00 Call 410-667-1101
A1N20A-7T Pool Chlorinator, A-100-N Series, 76.1 GPD, 3/8" Tubing, 115V 50 PSI 519.00 Call 410-667-1101
A1N30A-7T Pool Chlorinator, A-100-N Series, 95.1 GPD, 7/16" Tubing, 115V 50 PSI 519.00 Call 410-667-1101

New Model:   The A-100 peristaltic pump has been replaced by the A-100N.   

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Automated Chemical Controllers

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