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Low-Profile Lifeguard Stands
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30" Low Profile Stand                            42" Low Profile Stand
Low-Profile Lifeguard Stand is

Portable and Accessible.

This is a short lifeguard chair with a spacious platform and umbrella support. It is intended for use at temporary, semi-permanent and permanent sites. Depending upon installation design local codes and site requirements, this model is generally suitable for use on both commercial and competition pools.

In addition, these stands may also have applications at water slides, amusement and water parks and at sporting sites as judges' stands or at other sites where portability is required or where permanent installation is not desired. The units are also commonly seen on elevated observation points and towers not connected with water recreation activities.

Easy to Assemble, Consists of (3) Main Components:

The frame of the stand is of polished, 1.9-inch (46.3mm) Outer Diameter, 065-inch (1.7mm) wall thickness 304 stainless steel. Bends are (nominally) on a 6-inch (152.4mm) radius. The interlocking sections are joined together to form the frame proper, its five legs and the platform support. The deck below the free-standing lifeguard stand is protected by rubber bumpers (included), which are inserted into each leg.

Observation Platform (Footboard)
The observation platform (footboard) of the Low Profile (Portable) Lifeguard Stand measures 38 x 42 x 1.63-inch (965.2 x 1066.8 x 41.3mm) thick and is a solid laminated fir core covered with fiberglass reinforced acrylic. The platform mounts to the stand by heavy-duty stainless steel hardware. Safety Note: Observation Platforms are not normally intended to serve as diving platforms.

Seat Assembly
The base column of the seat assembly is of 1.9-inch (48.3mm) 304 stainless steel with 065-inch (1.7mm) stainless steel. At the lower end of the column is affixed a .25-inch (6.4mm) carbon steel plate which serves as a mounting flange. This flange is attached in tandem with the Observation Platform to the platform supports. A 1.9-inch (48.3mm) bent stainless steel tube is affixed to the rear of the seat base column and serves as an umbrella holder. At the upper end of the column is affixed a special swivel mechanism to allow comfortable (approximately) 45 rotation of the contoured, low-side fiberglass seat.

The 30" Guard Stand refers to the distance between the bottom of the seat to the top of the decking.  Likewise, the 42" Low Profile Guard Stand refers to a distance of 42" from the bottom of the actual seat equal to where the lifeguard sits to the level of the deck.  All Guard Stands must ship via Truck Carrier.





LGS30LP 30-inch Low Profile Life Guard Stand with Umbrella Holder Call 410-667-1101  
LGS42LP 42-inch Low Profile Life Guard Stand with Umbrella Holder Call 410-667-1101  

Lifeguard Stands Must ship via Motor Freight Carrier.
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