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Apex Series Wall-Mounted Ozone Generators for Swimming Pools and Spas
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Our family of Wall-Mounted Corona Discharge Ozone Generators has recently grown!  The line now offers the dependability of our tried-and-true corona discharge technology we developed nearly ten years ago and our exciting new High Output electronics. This series has seven separate models from which to choose, with an output range of 2.8 to 20 grams per hour. All units have a dual voltage selection switch and solid state current limit circuitry. Options include a built-in air preparation system, fully-adjustable ozone output and 4-20 mV control.

We welcome the High Output electronics to our durable and reliable family of CD ozone generators. It allows us to meet the ever-changing demands of the water treatment industry, while providing increased electrical efficiency and the most modern features available - keeping Parrish Pools firmly positioned as a leader in ozone technology.

Typical Applications:
Residential Pools

Apex 1 -  Residential Pools up to 12,000 Gals

Apex 2 -  Residential Pools up to 20,000 Gals

Apex 3 - Residential Pools up to 30,000 Gals

Apex 4 - Residential Pools up to 50,000 Gals

Apex 5 - Residential Pools up to 65,000 Gals

Apex 6 - Residential Pools up to 80,000 Gals

Part # Description Price Order
Ozone-Apex1 Ozone Generator System, Apex 1 Package Call  
Ozone-Apex2 Ozone Generator System, Apex 2 Package Call  
Ozone-Apex3 Ozone Generator System, Apex 3 Package Call  
Ozone-Apex4 Ozone Generator System, Apex 4 Package Call  
Ozone-Apex5 Ozone Generator System, Apex 5 Package Call  
Ozone-Apex6 Ozone Generator System, Apex 6 Package Call  

If your pool is close to the higher end in gallonage, Always oversize.


* Commercial pools may require additional equipment, depending on the installation.
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