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Portable Lifeguard Stands

The Portable Lifeguard Stand, constructed of Stainless Steel, is designed to provide a guard stand or observation platform where a permanent installation isn't possible.  This unique guard stand is safely stabilized by four (4) rubber fulcrum pads at each corner.  When the pool operator decides to move the stand, he tilts the entire stand backwards, and when fixed wheels finally touch the deck, it is then when the stand becomes portable.  

This is a moderate to tall lifeguard chair with an extended observation platform and umbrella support.  It is intended for use at temporary semi-permanent and permanent sites.  Depending upon installation design, local codes and site requirements, this model is generally suitable for use on both commercial and competition pools. 

In addition, these stands are very well suited for use as judging and observation stands on tennis courts and at other sporting sites, especially those where permanent installation is not desired.


The uprights of the stand mount to three polished, 1.9 inch Outer Diameter, .065inch wall thickness 304 stainless steel tubes which have been welded together to form a base.  The front and rear base sections are fitted with a total of four (4) 10-inch long Fulcrum Covers which both add stability and absorb shock. 

The rear base section is fitted with wheels on either side to facilitate movement of the stand.  The uprights of the stand are manufactured of polished, 1.9 inch Outer Diameter, .065 inch wall thickness 304 stainless steel with bends formed on 6inch radii.   A total of three (3) 304 stainless steel polished Elite Treads mount not he front of either upright section at 15 angles for ease in mounting.   Each step is 3inch in width and 20inch in length at the rail centerline.  The distance between each step is 13-3/8".   The stainless steel treads are located at the front for easy accessibility and greater stability. 

Contrasting beauty, sure-footing and secure mounting of the Elite Tread to the frame section is enhanced by a replaceable, black non-skid, Cool-Touch tread insert at the top and caps at either end of the tread.  Placement of the stand is determined by the installation design and local codes.

Observation Platform (Footboard):
The observation platform (foot board) of the Portable Lifeguard Stand measures 18" x 42" x1.63"-inch thick and is solid laminated fir core covered with fiberglass reinforced acrylic.  The platform mounts to the stand uprights and is supported by polished 1 inch Outer Diameter, .065inch wall thickness 304 stainless steel tubes.  Safety Note: Observation Platforms are not normally intended to serve as diving boards platforms.

Seat Assembly:  
The base column of the seat assembly is of 1.9 inch 304 stainless steel.    At the lower end of the column is affixed a .25 inch carbon steel plate which serves as a mounting flange.  This flange is attached in tandem with the Observation Platform to the platform supports.   A 1.90" bent stainless steel tube is affixed to the rear of the seat base column and serves as an umbrella holder.  At the upper end of the column is affixed a special swivel mechanism to allow comfortable (approximately) 45 degree rotation of the contoured, low-side fiberglass seat.

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Lifeguard Stands Must ship via Motor Freight Carrier.
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