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Record Quest Starting Platforms - Match your Pool's Colors!

Athletes can react to sight faster than to sound.  The Record Quest Starting Platform has a Strobe Light Built right into starting platform!   This concept is also available in the fiberglass series.  

The idea is to reduce reaction-times for starts in competitive swimming. This concept was substantiated after the World Short-Course Championships in Greece in a study testing the reaction time for swimmers with and without the aid of start strobes. On the average, swimmers were able to get off the blocks almost 4/10ths of a second faster with a start strobe than with just a conventional horn.

The ramifications for hearing-impaired athletes are even more significant. Without strobe lights in starting blocks, hearing impaired swimmers must either use peripheral vision to react to a strobe light near the starter, watch the starter’s hand signals, or bring their own strobe – as was done by South African Terrence Parkin at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

With Quikblox start-strobes, swimmers react to sight as well as to sound. The strobe flashes when the start tone is signaled, providing a quicker and fairer start for all. This has already set a new performance standard for starts as was demonstrated at the 2000 Phillips 66 USA Swimming Spring Nationals (held at the Weyerhaeuser Aquatic Center in Federal Way, Washington) where numerous records were established using the Quikblox competitive starting platforms.

bulletThe space-age stainless steel structure and backstroke handles are powder-coated in a wide variety of custom colors. Match your starting blocks with your school or club colors!
bulletOverall dimensions: 26" wide by 38" deep by customized height (from water level to front edge of platform).
bulletStandard Anchoring System: comes with square quickset anchor stanchions for easy removal, in a standard 24" setback from the pool wall.
bulletOptional customized side-step model available for applications that require mounting under diving platforms.
bulletThe Stainless Steel model is also available in a Long-Reach version (Model #QB-SS-LR) for pools with flush-deck gutter systems.

All models include the following standard features:

Patent-pending Quikblox Start-Strobes

bulletThe patent-pending Quikblox starting strobe lights (an array of LED lights) are built into the front edge of the starting platform.
bulletThe strobe light allows swimmers to react to sight as well as to sound, thereby reducing their reaction times for starts.
bulletThis revolutionary feature is a tremendous benefit for hearing-impaired swimmers!
bulletAn optional strobe light in the rear is available, allowing backup timers to focus on their lane rather than on a distant starter.

Backstroke Handles

bullet Picture of backstroke handlesBackstroke Handles are made from high-quality stainless steel and can be powder-coated in a wide variety of custom colors.
bulletThe Horizontal Bar is 20" wide and the vertical bars are 12" high.
bulletThe Vertical Bars can be custom-configured with the upper portion, lower portion, or both portions angled in, out, or vertical.

Platform Features

bulletA fiberglass platform and step, both gel-coated with a textured "sanded surface" feel, enhance grip and take-offs.
bulletThe platform comes with a standard 10-degree slope approved by FINA and all other governing bodies.
bulletPlatform dimensions: 24" wide by 30" deep (front edge to back edge), with an attractive taper in the front.


bulletInternal wiring is compatible with different manufacturers of timing systems. (Timing system and version must be provided at time of ordering).
bulletThe internal wiring harness can be customized to connect to either deck plate plug-ins or a portable deck cable.

Part # Description Price Order
SPRecQB Starting Platform, Record Quest Call 410-667-1101  

Customizing - Your Team's Colors can be applied to these starting blocks.

Anchors Can be shipped in advance, upon ordering of the starting platforms.  Actual Starting Platforms must ship via Motor Freight carrier.
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Starting Platforms

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