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New Steel Post Cantilever Guard Stand
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The Carbon Steel Post Lifeguard Stand is supported by a support column that slants 15 degrees toward the pool.  The footboard and chair are bolted to the support column.  All bolted connections have red rubber gaskets between mating surfaces,  All Steel parts are sandblasted before receiving one (1) coat of primer.

The support column is constructed of a 5" carbon steel post with top and bottom plates.  Flanges are gusseted to support pipe with a 1/4" plate.  Four (4) steps are welded onto the column.  Each step measures 3/16" thick x 20" wide x 8" deep.  Each step has a self-adhesive non-slip pad attached to the surface.

The Fiberglass Platform (Footboard) has the dimensions of 1-3/4" thick x 30" wide x 42" long, and has a non-skid top surface.  The foot board is bolted between the top flange and the 1/4" plate seat assembly flange.

The seat assembly is the vertical, slanted stainless steel base column.  At the lower end of the base is a stainless plate which serves as a mounting flange.  The same tubing forms the umbrella holder affixed to the rear of the base column.

The Stainless Steel Handrails extend to the length of the vertical slanted steel column and bolt to pipe adapters welded to the column.  The Seat with Swivel assembly allow the fiberglass seat to have the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. 

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Steel Post Cantilever Guard Stand

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Anchors can be shipped in advance via UPS.  Actual Lifeguard Stands Must ship via Motor Freight Carrier.
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