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Automatic Submersible Pumps
Electronic Switch Model Operates when Water is Detected
and Then Automatically Shuts Itself Off.

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Great for use in ponds, pools, pool covers, boats, spas, window sills, or any shallow flooded area.  Good Pump to have On-The-Jobsite.

bulletIdeal for Draining Shallow Flooded Areas.
bulletTotally Automatic - Removes standing water down to 1/8".   When water is no longer detected, Pump shuts itself off.
bulletSubmersible Pump Automatically turns on again few minutes and checks for more water.  If no water present, shuts off.
bulletVery Reliable. 
bulletVery Easy to Operate.
bulletElectric, 115V, Built-in Overload Protector
bulletUL and CSA Approved.
bulletDimensions:  6-1/8" at Widest @ Bottom x 10" Tall.
bulletSimple to Operate:
 - Connect to Standard 5/8" Garden Hose.
 - Place Pump in water.
 - While standing on dry ground, Plug into a grounded outlet.

This One-of-a-Kind Electronic Switch Model Operates when Water is Detected.
When no water is detected, it shuts itself off, Automatically.

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Submersible Smart Pump, Electronic, with Automatic Shut-off, 115V

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