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Therapy Ladders
for Residential or Commercial Pools

Our Therapy Ladders are designed to provide access to those who have difficulty entering or exiting a pool.  This tall height, long reach special application ladder for both commercial and residential uses and available with 3, 4, 5 or 6 treads. With proper anchor sockets, they are suitable for moderate to heavy-duty use where a long reach, cantilevered ladder with handrail is desired.  Properly anchored into the concrete decking, this unit can be surface-mounted for light to moderate duty use in residential applications.

The Frames of the 26" (660.4mm) Easy Out™ Commercial/Residential Cantilever Ladder are of polished, 1.9" (48.26mm) Outer Diameter (OD), 304 stainless steel with a wall thickness of .065" (1.7mm).

Treads are stainless steel and mount to the ladder frames by included heavy-duty stainless steel hardware. The lower ends of the frame are fitted with white rubber bumpers.   Escutcheons and anchors for use with these ladders are ordered separately.

Note that depending upon the depth of the pool and the ladder model chosen, some on-site adjustment (cutting) of the (upper and/or lower) frame may be necessary to insure proper seating of the ladder on the pool floor.

Part #


Price Order
Lad3Ther 3-Step Therapeutic Ladder Call 410-667-1101  
Lad4Ther 4-Step Therapeutic Ladder Call 410-667-1101  
Lad5Ther 5-Step Therapeutic Ladder Call 410-667-1101  
Lad6Ther 6-Step Therapeutic Ladder Call 410-667-1101  

If This is for a New Installation, Order Anchor Kit Separately.
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Part # Description Price Order
AnchKitAL Anchor Kit, Aluminum Anchors and SS Cover Plates


Call 410-667-1101
AnchKitBR Anchor Kit, Bronze Anchors and SS Cover Plates 150.00 Call 410-667-1101

Anchors Can be shipped in advance via UPS.  Actual Therapeautic Ladders Must ship via Motor Freight Carrier.
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